Battle Ready Gaming Van Logo

The Battle Ready Gaming Van brings the gaming arena to you. Take on your friends in epic battles with games like Fortnite and Apex Legends to see who truly is number 1, tear up the tarmac in Grid Motorsport to take the chequered flag or take your favourite football team to be crowned top of the league in FIFA.

Kitted out with 8 of the latest gaming consoles (6 x Xbox Series S and 2 x PlayStation 5) you can enjoy multiplayer gaming and compete with or against your friends globally thanks to our onboard 5G Router that connects the van to the rest of the world!

Each console is connected to a gaming monitor capable of displaying vibrant HDR colours whilst delivering smooth frame high framerates thanks to Freesync making the most of these powerful consoles.

The Battle Ready Gaming Van is ideal for Birthday Parties, keeping guests entertained at weddings, social events or family get togethers, you can literally game just about anywhere!