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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a variety of games available including popular games like Fortnite, FIFA, Grid and Rocket League to name a few. If there are any particular games that you would like then please make a note on the booking form and we will do our best to include them.

Please make sure that you have adequate room for the van. It requires the space of 2 cars (approximately), a level surface, and it needs to be no more than 20 meters away from the electrical supply. Please be mindful when choosing your space that it will be safe and not in a place that could be dangerous for the gamers to gain access.

We aim for the van to arrive 20-30 minutes before the allocated party time to allow for setting up.

Yes, we require 2 electrical socket outlets to power the van, it uses about 2400kWh of electric so costs about 68p for one hours’ gaming (2022 average electric prices).

Ideally it`s best that we connect to your router with our supplied cable. Although if this is not feasible then we have a 4/5g router onboard as a back-up. In the worst-case scenario where we can’t receive an internet connection or servers aren’t operational then only off-line games will be playable. 

No, unfortunately we don’t allow food or drink in the van as there are no suitable surfaces to place them on.

We recommend 8 gamers in the van at any one time so that they can have a console each. We can accommodate up to 12 players but this means some gamers would be limited to Split-Screen games only.

There are no age restrictions for players, although parties are most suited for ages 8 – 13 years. Children under 6 years must be Supervised by a Parent/Guardian at all times.

We do not restrict games to age ratings on an individual player basis although it is up to the individual who hires the van (must be age 18+) to ensure that we know if there are any particular games that you don’t want to be played. It is the responsibility of the person booking to check this with the gamers’ parents/guardians.

Please complete the Booking form on the Booking page or e-mail chris@battlereadygaming.co.uk You will then receive an Invoice or Quote via e-mail confirming availability and details of how to pay your £50 deposit.

The headset will only be present at a party where the age of the ‘person celebrating’ is 8 years or older and other players are in the same age bracket, and where the number of persons in the van does not exceed 8. Use of the VR headset is at the team member’s discretion.

The VR headset is primarily used in the van as a seated experience, however we do have an awning to allow use outside providing the correct weather conditions and safety requirements are met, and at the discretion of our team member.

Battle Ready Gaming Van Logo

The Battle Ready Gaming Van brings the gaming arena to you. Take on your friends in epic battles with games like Fortnite and Apex Legends to see who truly is number 1, tear up the tarmac in Grid Motorsport to take the chequered flag or take your favourite football team to be crowned top of the league in FIFA.

Kitted out with 8 of the latest gaming consoles (6 x Xbox Series S and 2 x PlayStation 5) you can enjoy multiplayer gaming and compete with or against your friends globally thanks to our onboard 5G Router that connects the van to the rest of the world!

Each console is connected to a gaming monitor capable of displaying vibrant HDR colours whilst delivering smooth frame high framerates thanks to Freesync making the most of these powerful consoles.

The Battle Ready Gaming Van is ideal for Birthday Parties, keeping guests entertained at weddings, social events or family get togethers, you can literally game just about anywhere!